Bloggers Christmas Party

16th December 2008

Bloggers Xmas Party Launches December 5, 2008

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Thought it was about time the Blogger’s Dinner(It had to be moved to dinner instead of lunch due to some scheduling issues!) got a new home so have set up this blog so as all the info would be in one place. The venue is Le Cirk on Dame Street in Dublin and the date is 16th December and Dinner will be followed by a full on party lasting long into the night 🙂 The idea behind the lunch is that everybody contributes something to the occasion and we have a really cool event for bloggers around Ireland and small companies with only a handful of employees! The dinner will be kicking off at 6 in the afternoon with finger food being served from 9 onwards for people who are not able to make the main event.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding sponsors, menus , ticket information and a full list of who is contributing what to the party! Should be a good laugh!



For those of you who can’t make it up to the big smoke there is a gang of bloggers gathering for the Cork version of the event. Head on over to Joe’s Blog and check it out


5 Responses to “Bloggers Xmas Party Launches”

  1. Joe Scanlon Says:

    Looking forward to it :o)

    Ta very much for link back to Cork version.

  2. elly parker Says:

    When did it change to the 16th? The original posts said the 17th, and I can’t find any people suggesting that it changed?? What did I miss?

  3. Alexia Golez Says:

    Elly, venue availability I believe..

  4. I am afraid that I can no longer make it.

  5. Roseanne Says:

    Yep same here I can’t make it now that date has changed 😦 I have a previous engagement on 16th.

    Have a great time though and I’ll blip you all some really loud music on Wednesday morning 😀

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