Bloggers Christmas Party

16th December 2008

Making it worthwhile December 11, 2008

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Although it is Xmas and we are all about to have a load of fun and party our little asses off you have to remember that there are some people in the world who are just not as lucky as us and that is why we are going to try and make a little bit of money for a very worthy charity on Tuesday night. Laura has pointed us in the direction of “The Crumlin Children’s hospital cancer project” as a great benefactor for whatever little bit of money we can raise. 

We are still thinking about the best way to do this (all ideas welcome!) and so far the best we have is either bidding for the cool prizes that people have donated (full list coming at weekend) or giving a prize to each blogger to raffle on their blog. The tickets are also 30 Euros but with the way sponsoring is going we should have a lot of money left over from those as well so the children should benefit a great deal. 

I am thinking we can use the money immediately and drop up a big batch of Xmas presents to put a smile on to some little faces!

Let me know what you think and how we could raise even more money while getting very drunk 🙂


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