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16th December 2008

Directions and toys needed December 14, 2008

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So as I was saying the other day we would be giving all of the money we made from the blogger’s lunch to the kids up in Crumlin children’s hospital cancer project. Another idea I have had is that if anybody has any cool toys around the house (or even wants to buy a couple of toys and bring them along) we will gather them all up and put them into a huge sack and maybe add some more with whatever money is leftover and head on up to put some smiles on faces!

Secondly here is a map of where the party is happening……

We will be meeting and having a drink in The Dice Bar from 17.30 until 18.30 for a little pre-dinner drink which is on the corner of Queen Street and Benburb Street. They have a great selection of beers and some bangin music!

From there we will all move on to my place where Frank and Lar will be doing a wine tasting and we will be eating some great food and getting hammered!

Map is here


2 Responses to “Directions and toys needed”

  1. pat phelan Says:

    Happen to have a night off in Dublin tomorrow night, see you there

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